The Spot By The Barber Envy Logo

Jim Williams aka The Barber Envy.

Jim has been at the forefront of the barbering industry for a number of years. As an ambassador for some of the worlds leading hair tool brands, he has travelled the world teaching the craft of modern day barbering.

Jim has featured in some of the industry’s most well known publications, as well as worked on stage at the UK’s most prestigious hair shows.

The idea behind “the spot by the barber envy” is a creative space inspired by all of the above.

A place where you’ll become right at home after your first visit.

The Spot By The Barber Envy Logo

The Spot by The Barber Envy – Barbershop in Tring.

The vision for one of the most unique barbering experiences in the South East.

The Spot exists to create a space, where the team could be most creative. Where we could capture every aspect of the work that we do. From cutting and styling to lighting and shooting content, The Spot was built to become a home for creative energy.

Our team has 12+ years of barbering experience, has taught at established platform events and workshops across Europe and the United States as well as being brand ambassadors for Andis Clippers and iCandy Scissors in Australia.

Taking what we do seriously, It’s not a 9-5 job it’s way more than that, it is our home and we aspire that The Spot becomes the most familiar place to our clients too. After spending so many years working out of other people’s environments, we envisioned The Spot to be a visual and atmospheric representation of our brand, a place to truly express the love for what we do.

It’s critical for us that the client gets a personalised service, never do we want you to have a conveyor belt feeling. The Spot offers you a private and exclusive venue where you receive a bespoke service unique to you. We think a haircut is one of the most important ways you can visually express who you are as an individual. So the last thing you want is to get what everyone else has.